Protecting International Students

Protecting International Students

The health care system of the overwhelming majority of foreign countries works according to the insurance principle: treatment can be obtained only if there is an insurance policy (private or state), or for a fee. The insurance policy not only ensures that the insurance company pays for all necessary medical care, transportation to the medical institution but may also provide additional options that may require a student in the studying process: insurance for loss of documents, sports, relief of attacks of chronic diseases, dental care, liability insurance, etc. An insurance policy is also required for a student visa.

Student Health Insurance

Student health insurance will cover the cost of providing medical care in many ways. The insurer covers the costs of:

  • medical examination;
  • diagnostic examinations;
  • medicines prescribed by a doctor;
  • dressings;
  • means of simplest fixation (crutches, gypsum);
  • medical transportation;
  • hospital treatment.

If necessary, medical insurance for students covers the cost of dental care in acute conditions.

If a sick student has to stay in the hospital for longer than 10 days, the insurer will bear the cost of visiting a close relative from the homeland. In the event of a lethal outcome, repatriation costs are covered. If a student gets lost in a foreign country, for example, on a weekend walk, a search for the missing person will be organized and paid for. But this item must be included in the insurance contract specifically.

Luggage Insurance

When traveling abroad, a student will try to take all the things he needs, and in this case, each thing acquires value. Each thing will remind him of his house. A student may be in a very difficult situation if baggage is lost or damaged during a long journey. In this case, luggage insurance will help. By submitting documents to the insurance company, confirming the fact of the incident, the student will be able to receive monetary compensation in the amount of up to the full cost of baggage, minus 15% of overhead costs. Insurance can be concluded for the entire duration of the trip, or only for the time spent on the road. The carrier company reimburses only a part of the lost or lost baggage. The difference will be paid by the insurance company (if the medical insurance of the students is supplemented with luggage insurance).

Student Liability Insurance

Anything can happen in a foreign country – you may accidentally damage someone else’s property or cause harm to the health of a stranger. But if you are brought to civil liability in a foreign country, it will be more difficult for you to solve such a problem since. If the student insurance is supplemented with a civil liability insurance program, the insurance company’s service department will send you a lawyer to help you. He will help solve problems, will be involved in legal proceedings. Legal aid may be needed for a student in case of loss of all documents and passport.

Trip Cancellation and Rescheduling Insurance

Let’s imagine a situation. The student was going to leave for study, bought tickets but suddenly got conscription or a subpoena. Or his close relative died. Such an event cannot be postponed. Travel cancellation insurance will help you to recover real expenses in full, with the exception of small overhead costs (15%). Such insurance is worth 4% of the selected amount of insurance coverage. If a student is already at school and suddenly receives news of the death of a close relative, the insurance company will pay for the tickets in economy class for a trip to his homeland for a few days and for returning to study. The student will receive such assistance if the insurance also includes a program for changing the duration of the trip. Insurance for an expanded number of programs provides for a discount of up to 15% of the total amount (if the contract contains at least 4 programs).

Take seriously the issue of life insurance and it will be easier and more interesting to stay abroad!

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